Nieves Herranz portrait

About me

Scandi patterns for a happy lifestyle


I’m Nieves Herranz, a surface pattern designer from Madrid, Spain. I create graphic patterns with vibrant colors and a happy and cheerful mood.


Passionate about patterns, fabrics and color since I was a child, I have always had the intuition that beauty has a major influence on our happiness and well-being. This is why all my hobbies and professional projects have always revolved around creation and design, until I found in pattern design the perfect formula to unite color, shape and emotion in a functional piece.

My work has a strong connection with the Scandinavian aesthetic: I share its love for Nature as a main inspiration, its democratic approach of design, and its philosophy of making life better by creating functional and beautiful objects. I am very sensitive to the emotional dimension of color, so I always lean towards bright and cheerful colors that convey energy and optimism.

I dream that my designs will surround people in their daily lives, hoping to create a nurturing and positive environment in which they feel happy and inspired.

You can see my work here.

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